RISE Law Institute, Inc.

Together, we



Who We Are

We are RISE Law Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing support and legal services to those affected by domestic violence and cyber-stalking.

Raising Awareness
Insisting on Justice
Stopping Abusers
Empowering Victims

RISE exists as a strong advocate, a powerful ally, and a dedicated resource that empowers survivors to fight back and win.


Our Services

The needs of our recipients vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Sometimes, they need advice, support, and guidance on practical steps to protect themselves. Other times, they need legal action taken against an abuser. Recipients of RISE’s services are diverse, representing all backgrounds. Because abuse affects everyone, we are here to help.

RISE operates primarily in St. Louis and its surrounding areas, but we offer help however we can to those who need it across the country.


Online safety

Victims of cyber-stalking may feel that their abuser is omnipresent when the abuser knows the victim’s location, harasses loved ones, or poses as the victim. At RISE, we can help you take steps to secure your online identity from abuse.

legal action

Depending on timing and other factors, sometimes legal action is the best step for a survivor of domestic violence or cyber crimes. RISE represents survivors in the courtroom, and our services are often pro-bono or discounted through a need-based system.

physical safety

Domestic violence and cyber-stalking often go hand-in-hand, but physical safety is the first priority. In some circumstances, RISE helps file police reports, obtain orders of protection, and take other actions necessary to maintaining victims’ safety.


RISE Law Institute is a legal services provider, but we are connected with shelters, psychologists, and other resources to keep victims safe, provided for, and on the road to healing after surviving abuse.


Get Involved

No one can do this work alone. RISE exists to help survivors, and we rely on your support to help us provide pro-bono and low-cost legal services.


partner with us

Do you work for or represent a law, technology, or investigative firm? Would you like to earn pro-bono hours? Let’s partner to make the world a better place.


Do you work for or represent an organization with an audience? Help us spread the message and connect with those in need of our help.

Make a Donation

We keep costs as low as possible but still need help covering our expenses to provide services to low-income survivors. Your donation goes a long way.